Cdrzillafanon is human with the ability to turn into Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultraman Jack. And he runs this wiki so OBEY YOUR MASTER!!!!! loljk.


In human form, I look like I do in real life. In my other forms, I look like Ultraman Jack, Hesei Gamera, and KiryuGoji.


Cdr was just some dude who'd been cruising the internet for a few years until the fateful day when he came across the Fan Made Kaiju Wiki. At first, Cdr was a snarky fandom user who made fun of the less creative Kaiju on the wiki before he made an account back when he was an idiot and thought Zilla Fanon Wiki was good. Eventually, Cdr converted fully to FMK and much later joined Wikizilla. He also made several kaiju in the process of all this. After seeing Mosufan wiki and liking the idea, Cdr decided to make his own wiki, and thus Cdrzillafanon Wiki was born. Cdr was also crowned Lord of The Parodies on FMK and Lord of Randomness on UltraFan wiki. G-fan later proclaimed Cdr the destroyer of fandoms and he added it to this page because why not.


  • Transformation
  • Same as Ultraman Jack
  • Same as Gamera (Hesei)
  • Same as Godzilla (KiryuGoji)


  • This Kaiju is obviously meant to be a representation of me.
  • Some information about myself IRL is on this page
  • Cdrzillafanon's forms are based on my profile picture
  • The rest is based on the events that have taken place on this wiki
  • Coincidentally, the film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla came out the year I was born. And one of Cdrzillafanon's forms is KiryuGoji.
  • The reason my human form is a stickman is because I'm not stupid enough to reveal what I actually look like.

Ok, obviously none of this is true. In real life, I am a nerd with many weird interests. This is how I shall be represented on the stories on this wiki.