This page features Death's spectacular vocabulary of outdated catchphrases that he can't stop using. They are organised into categories of how often he uses them. The Boy Who Cried Godzilla also uses a couple of these words every now and then. He also uses the word 'yippers', though Death does not use this word.

Prominent Words Edit

This category features the words most commonly used in conversation by Deathrock9.

  • Radical - This is Death's most common outdated catchphrase and has been in use for at least two years now. He originally used this word ironically though it has now just become part of his regular vocabulary. He has used it so much that he even uses it in real life. It is often used within a sarcastic context or to show lighthearted enthusiasm. He originally began using this word because it was very representative of the 1990s.
  • Wowzers - Death only just began using this word in April, 2017. Whereas he genuinely likes the word 'radical', he is fully aware of how annoying 'wowzers' is and often tries to resist using it. This word is usually used within a sarcastic context or if Death just can't think of anything else to say. Fortunately, he doesn't use this in real life.
  • Tubular - This word is only ever used as an alternative for 'radical' if Death has said it one too many times. Like 'radical', this is another word that is just soaked with 1990s goodness. He sometimes uses it in the same sentence as 'radical' to emphasize how truly amazing something is. It is used in a sarcastic context more often than 'radical' is. He doesn't use this word in real life too much.
  • Gee whizz - This word is mostly used in a sarcastic context. It is used to express shock or surprise. He occasionally uses this word in real life though 'radical' remains as his most commonly used outdated phrase.

Occasional Words Edit

This category features other words that have been used by Deathrock9 in the past.

  • Diggity Damn - Death has only used this word one or two times. On all occasions that it was used, it has been in a comedic context as part of a fun conversation. He doesn't take this word seriously.

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