Godzilla is best and most awesome Kaiju evarrrrr.


Mofo, he's Godzilla!


Main Article: Watch the Godzilla movies. He does lots of cool things in them.


  • What does this look like? Death Battle Wiki? He does what Godzilla does and he's awesome at it.


  • Dis is joke page. I intend to write stories and upload them to this wiki. Stories that feature Godzilla will have their own pages for those Godzillas. If I'm too lazy, or it's a parody story, I will use this Godzilla.
  • If you want serious information on Godzilla, first of all, what are you doing here? Second, here's a link to Wikizilla[1]. You welcome. Don't worry, Mr living tail, the first Goji, and that overrated son of a nuclear bomb G14 will have pages to. This article is about the main Toho Godzilla.

Specific Incarnations

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