MechaKingGhidorah789, often just referred to as MKG, is the coolest dude in the universe. He is also a friend of Cdrzillafanon and a Ruler of Wiki.

Appearance Edit

MKG looks like Mecha King Ghidorah with blue eyese and wings, and the numbers 7,8, and 9, along with the word "MKG" written on the wings.

History Edit

MKG had done some cool stuff as a Ruler of Wiki and the coolest dude in the universe. He met Cdr on the chat room. They became good friends after some conversation. Said conversation revealed that MKG has an obsession with the character Lapis (a Steven Universe character or something, idk) and may or may not be the actual Mecha King Ghidorah. MKG and Cdr also teamed up against Micheal Heyas DeSanta the Homosexual Killer Demon one time.

Abilities Edit

  • Presumably the same as Mecha King Ghidorah

Trivia Edit

  • Did I mention he's the coolest dude in the universe?

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