Mosufan 2004 is a friend of Cdrzillafanon, a member of the Council of Creators, a Ruler of Wiki, and the creator of Mosufan wiki. In short, he's done it all.


Mosufan looks like Mothra but with yellow eyes, the word "lolololollololol" written across his wngs, and a Serbian flag as a cape.


Mosufan is a cool dude who has done many amazing things. Mosu met Cdr on the FMK wiki and the two became friends because they both make jokes all the time. Mosu also taught Cdr the unique language known as Mosufanese, which is similar to english, but with deder grammar. Kinda like that sentence. Anyway Mosu is a cool dude and you should check out his wiki.


  • Mothra's abilities
  • standard powers of a Dugong
  • Kaiju/universe creation
  • Wiki creation.
  • Standard powers of a wiki user.


  • Mosufan is not to be confused with Mothra, Mosufan2003, or Mosufan2005.