"so Yes. The Godzilla in GFW is Junior. The opening scene is said to take place in the late 1990's while the main story occurs in 2032. While all the details regarding the setting and possibly new origins of some of the monsters has been axed from the final cut of the film by Ryuhei Kitamura to make the story open to interpretation, no one bothered to tell the editor this. As a result, any of the intended exposition from Wataru Mimura and Shogo Tomiyama has been lost, but in the opening scene it is still made explicitly clear that Godzilla is in fact Junior. You probably already suspected this when you saw the movie, but without the characters mentioning any history, it seems sort of... hanging. Like... why did they just show Junior, and why do they keep mimicking those shots? Because it's supposed to be Junior, that's why."

Responses to this idiocy by the users of this wiki.

"Are you fucking serious?"


"mosu that theory that whoever posted is as dumb as shit lol"


"what a fucking idiot"