Spectreman is a super dope cyborg created by the people of the Nebula 71 star (not to be confused with the people of Nebula M78) and a dope tokusastu hero on top of that.


Spectreman looks like a dope gold and brown dude with some similarities to fellow dope dude Ultraman. He also has a dope belt with a dope sun pattern on it.


Spectreman was flying around in space being dope until he realized Earth was in danger or something. So he went there, attained a dope human form and fought some not-so dope Kaiju and some dude named Dr. Gori and stuff. He kicked ass for however long his series ran then probably went back to space.


  • Spectre-Flash: An energy beam that's surges from Spectreman's fingertips. It's so flashy he has to wear shades.
  • Spectre-Ray: A Rainbow Ray that's can destroy a monster. because rainbows are dope man.
  • Spectre Thunder: A shockwave blast of energy.
  • Nebula Slice: Multicolored shuriken, that's expand while flying. Super dope and not like an Ultra Slash at all.
  • Spectre Cutters: Razor-sharp blades that burst forth from Spectreman's forearms.
  • Nebula Gimlet: Using the Spectre Cutters, Spectreman rotates like a drill, digging fast. real fast
  • Spectre Sword and Shield: Sword and shield sent to Spectreman from Nebula Star when requesting them. Super dope sword
  • Spectre Gun: A huge gun sent to Spectreman from Nebula Star when requesting them. He uses it to shoot up mofos that try to do evil shit.
  • Flight: Like most giant heroes, Spectreman can fly. But Spectreman makes it look good.
  • Size Change: Spectreman starts out human-sized but can grow giant sized.
  • Spectre Shock: Spectreman can shock his foes, when he does that, a yellow electricity is around his body and this power only works on contact.
  • Spectro Eyes: When that ability is on, Spectreman's eyes become ligh blue and then he can see invisible objects and life forms. 
  • Freeze: Spectreman can shoot shoot snow from the spike on his head, by doing that he can freeze his enemies. 
  • Light: Spectreman can light up himeself and by doing that, he can blind his opponents and also burn them. 


  • Spectreman has a Beam Lamp, kinda like Ultraseven.

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