Spinocroc is a Spinosaurus-Crocodile hybrid Kaiju and a friend of Cdrzillafanon.


Spoono looks like a fan Kaiju he created called Spinocroc.


It is unknown how Spinocroc was created, though he was probably the result of some kind of experiment. Cdr first met Spoono on Zilla Fanon Wiki. The two enjoyed ranting about the terrible fan film Godzilla vs Koopzilla. Afterwards, Cdr and Spoono became closer friends on the Wikizilla Chat Room, though they still like to talk about KingAsylus's sh***y fan films. Spinocroc is also a Ruler of Wiki and fought some bad guys with the group.


  • Same as a common Spinocroc


  • Spoono has the least Kaiju out of all the users on the Fan Made Kaiju wiki. Like seriously, he only made one Kaiju last time I edited this. Now he's at like like what, 4? All jokes aside, despite two of them being visually represented  by stuffed animals, they are pretty cool. Check e'm out if you want.
  • Despite his nickname, Spoono is not part Spoon.
  • I actually have no idea wtf a Spinocroc is. I'm just guessing based on the name.
  • For some reason, Spoono still frequents Zilla Fanon Wiki.