Not to be confused with Godzilla, The King of The Monsters is a admin and a friend of Cdrzillafanon.


The King of The Monsters generally takes on the appearance of an incarnation of Godzilla. Currently, he is the Godzillaland Godzilla.


Tkotm is a Wikizilla admin and a member of the Rulers of Wiki. He's dealt with trolls, monsters, cringe, idiots and other forms of evil throughout his time on the internet. Tkotm first met Cdr on the Wikizilla Chat Room and the two became friends after some Godzilla related discussion and joke-making.


  • Standard abilities of a Wikizilla admin
  • Same as Godzillaland Godzilla
  • Perma-ban. An incredibly powerful ability that banishes anyone it's used on from this plane of existence, denying further access to Wikizilla.


  • Tkotm is the third user to recieve a page on this wiki.
  • Tkotm has the longest username of any of Cdr's friends, hence the abbreviating in this page.