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Skeleturtle is love, Skeleturtle is life.

>I was only 9 years old.

>I loved Skeleturtle so much

>I had all the movies, and the nonexistent merchandise 

>"Skeleturtle is love" I say, "Skeleturtle is life"

>My dad hears and calls me a fanboy

>He is OBVIOUSLY jealous of my devotion for Skeleturtle

>I call him an athiest 

>He slaps me, and sends me to my room

>I am crying now, cause my face hurts

>I go into my bed, and it's very cold

>I feel something equally cold move towards me 

>I feel something touch me

>It's Skeleturtle

>He whispers into my ear:

>"I am the greatest Kaiju ever conceived" 

>He grabs with his powerful bone flippers and puts me on my hands and knees

>I'm ready

>I spread my butt cheeks for Skeleturtle

>He penetrates by butthole with his bone

>It hurts so much, but I do it for Skeleturtle

>I feel my butt tearing, as my eyes start to water

>I push against his force

>I want to please Skeleturtle

>He roars a mighty "rawr XD" as he fills me with his love

>My dad walks in

>Skeleturtle looks him deep in the eyes,

>and says:

>"It's all boner now"

>Skeleturtle leaves through my window

>Skeleturtle is love

>Skeleturtle is life

Characters featured

  • Skeleturtle
  • *Unnamed child 
  • His Dad


* This story is an obvious parody of a certain Shrek Copypasta, and the Godzilla fanbase's "worship" of the Kaiju Skeleturtle.